What is canyoning?

Canyoning is an activity where you will down through a gap between walls, with or without water, and save the challenges it offers.
There are many feelings you'll find in a descent: walk through the bed of a river, jump, slide down chutes, abseil waterfalls and stunning waterfalls. Enjoy nature, fauna and flora, and observe the clarity of its waters.
But the practice of canyoning involves knowledge of the environment and good technique to do it safety.

We offer you the chance to enjoy a descent at the right level:

Initiation level.
Development level.
Expert Level.

If you have tried canyoning sometimes, sign up for courses we offer. We will spend several days enjoying the best canyons of the territory.

What we need?

We need, basically, a swimsuit, towel, shoes that can get wet, good attitude and desire to have fun. We will take care of the rest.

All we need for this practice is a wet suit, jacket, harness and helmet. We provide you all you need in our facilities.


Canyoning. Initiation level45 €/pers.
Canyoning. Development level50 €/pers.
Canyoning. Expert Level70 €/pers.

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