Guided Routes

Fancy a wonderful surprise with one of our routes on foot?

There are many routes, treks and ascents we can offer you as well as countless incredible spots to discover. By the hand of our well-trained guides, mountaineering professionals, expert in the surroundings, you will enjoy the flora and fauna, the Alpine scenery, the great lakes and the stillness of our amazing landscape.

There are multiple routes suitable for all levels, which can be adapted to your specific needs. We offer you thematic outings, taking your preferences into account (historical routes, flora and fauna observation, geological routes, etc.) We surely have one for you.

What will we need?

Apart from comfortable, breathable clothes, we must take a jumper and a raincoat (weather changes quite unpredictably in the Pyrenees); also, a comfortable pair of shoes, perfectly fitting and closed, will be essential to walk safely and protect our feet.

Some of the best accessories are a cap, a pair of sunglasses, solar protection and a small backpack to carry water and food.
Come and share with us the enthusiasm to learn and enjoy in the Pyrenean landscapes.

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Guided Routes from...25 €/pers.

La Rafting Company

A small group of passionate professionals from the different adventure sport disciplines who have turned our hobby into a way of life. Each of us has spent years devoted to practising and learning about these disciplines in the river, the ravines or the mountains, both privately and at work.

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