What is rafting?

It is a sport where you navigate a stretch of a river in a dinghy or raft, with other crew members, following the orders given by the guide or the responsible of the boat.

It is a widely accepted practice because it has many factors that ensure us a good time: an unknown or rare place, a sport team with the necessary involvement of each of the components, good deal of excitement and adrenaline and, of course, an important part of improvisation, by the guide, that makes each descent different than the before.

What we need?

We need, basically, a swimsuit, a towel, willingness and desire to have fun. We will take care of the rest.

The ship, oar, and all you need for this practice (socks, wet suit, jacket, life jacket and helmet) will provide you in our facilities.


Rafting morning: 17km. Llavorsí - Sort45 €/pers.
Rafting afternoon: 19km. Baro – Figuereta50 €/pers.
Rafting all day trip: 42km. Llavorsí – Figuereta (pícnic)90 €/pers.
Rafting family (afternoon): 14 km. Arboló-Figuereta45 € adults / 30 € kids

La Rafting Company

A small group of passionate professionals from the different adventure sport disciplines who have turned our hobby into a way of life. Each of us has spent years devoted to practising and learning about these disciplines in the river, the ravines or the mountains, both privately and at work.

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